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Why does siri keep coming on by itself mac

Why does siri keep coming on by itself mac


How-To: Enable hands-free 'Hey Siri' voice activation on macOS Sierra

The request now reads "Turn down the volume."

Notification Center

Dragging images from Siri search results

How to make Siri activate when you say 'Hey Siri' to your Mac with macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra Review: Hey Siri, where did my files go?

iPad Diaries: 'Type to Siri' as a Smart Command Line

How to change Siri's accent on iPhone and iPad, and why you shouldn't

Shortcuts is the name Apple is giving to quick actions across your apps on iOS, which either perform a task within the app automatically in the background ...

siri 800homenew

Apple is looking for psychologist to improve Siri

Siri on the Mac

In System Preferences, open Siri. Under Keyboard Shortcut, select Customize. Now define a new system-wide shortcut for Siri that won't clash with any other ...

enable siri fresh install gm

How To: Use Siri to Control iTunes, Put Your Mac to Sleep, & More from Your iPhone

Siri can search the web for photos


Disable Siri on Mac

I Spent a Week Yelling at Siri in Apple's Latest OS, Sierra

How to teach Siri to pronounce a name correctly

Can Google Assistant beat Siri on iPhone? Let's find out!

Shortcuts: A New Vision for Siri and iOS Automation

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Siri can adjust your settings

How to enable the 'Hey, Siri' command on a Mac

Siri on the Mac

How to activate Siri with 'Hey Siri' on macOS Sierra

macos sierra siri weather

Turn an iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your Mac

11 new Siri features to try in iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, and Apple TV. Major upgrades are coming ...

MacBook Pros Are Underperforming. A Software Fix Is Coming

24 hidden settings that can maximize your Mac

Have Siri make a call with FaceTime

Click on Siri, then enable Talk to Siri

You're likely familiar with Siri, an intelligent personal assistant that's baked into a range of Apple devices. On the Mac, Siri is usually activated by ...

Editor's note: This video was produced by AppleInsider just after the Mojave beta launched to users. As the operating system was very stable upon release, ...

How to Remove Siri from the Touch Bar

Search Siri for files on your Mac

Use Siri Shortcuts to quickly send photos to your family

15 Cool Ways to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

iMac Pro

It's exactly what it sounds like: A textual interface where you can write your queries to Siri, rather than ask them. When iOS 11 comes out in the fall, ...

Maps search in Spotlight

Apple is switching the default provider of its web searches from Siri, Search inside iOS (formerly called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac.

Siri is coming to the Mac, and will be opened to third-party developers

How Siri works on a Mac: Sierra OS review

How to use Siri Translate in iOS 11

New MacBook Pros Provide More Speed and RAM, plus a Quieter Keyboard and Hey Siri

How to get Siri to read articles and other text on iOS and macOS

Siri will read hidden lock screen notifications from third-party apps to anyone

The report claims that Apple's software engineers will have more discretion to delay features that aren't as polished, with the company essentially shifting ...

Apple's Siri is a strong contender

Hide Siri Menu bar icon in MacOS

The menu bar on the Mac

For items in your library, use the "play my" command and Siri will play albums and songs already added to your library. For everything else, Siri will play ...

how to use siri on mac sirimacicon 800home

You can now type to Siri to avoid embarrassment in public. Photo: Cult of Mac

Everything new with Siri in iOS 11

Apple macOS Sierra, First Take: Siri comes to the desktop

MacBook Pro (15 inch with Touch Bar)

How to Trigger IFTTT Applets with iOS 12's New Shortcuts App and Siri

Siri Search Suggestions on iPhone

How to send an email using Siri

You can manage your Siri preferences and options by opening up System Preferences and choosing "Siri" from the options at the bottom of the window.

How to use a keyboard shortcut to activate Siri

The New Macbook Pro's Security Advancements Come With An Annoying Compromise | Digital Trends

Apple releases iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, here's everything new

Siri Makes It Easy to Replay Inaudible Apple TV Audio

In the Accessibility pane of System Preferences, select Siri from the Interacting category and turn on Enable Type to Siri. On triggering Siri, you'll now ...

Lowest prices: Save up to $250 on 2018 MacBook Pros

On an iOS 12 device, open the iOS Settings app and go to Website & App Passwords. Then, select a login, tap on the password field and an option to AirDrop ...

10 Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful

macOS Hey Siri 1

Setting on iPhone Optimize Storage for Photos

How to enable Night Shift for Mac and how it works on macOS 10.12.4 [Video]

Hey Siri, open Word! How to use Apple's voice assistant on a Mac

Getting Siri Working on Your Mac. "

macOS 10.12 Sierra review

The ...

Controlling music playback with Type to Siri.

Getting Siri Working on Your Mac. "


Exchanging texts via Siri to control lights around the house.

With iOS 10, 'Hey Siri' intelligently activates on just one nearby device at a time [Video]

iOS 12: How to create custom Siri Shortcuts

When I published my iPhone XS Frames shortcut two weeks ago, I noted that my goal was to eventually support screenshots and device templates from other ...

Click the Dictation Commands button, and click + to add a new user command. In When I say, type Siri. From Perform, select Press Keyboard Shortcut.

Yet there are many, many Mac tools that will take this shortcut automation so very much further. AppleInsider automatically saves keystrokes, ...

Siri can help you plan your evening

macOS Mojave: Hands-on with 20+ new changes and features [Video]