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Wdg3 class diesel locomotive

Wdg3 class diesel locomotive


hideType and origin. Power type, Diesel

File:Twin WDG4 class Diesel Locomotive at Malkajgiri.JPG

Indian Railways converts diesel locomotive to electric

File:WDG3A Shakti twin locomotives with a freight at Korukonda.jpg

Indian locomotives class WDG-4G

The Latest Allotment to Diesel Loco Shed, Gooty - WDG 5 / 50004 !!!


Indian Railways new WDG-4G Class GE Locomotives||First look!

Indian Railways creates history by converting diesel locomotive into electric

INDIA 13059 (WDG-3A) Verna 27-02-12 r

... WDG-3

Explaining the rationale, the official said they had planned to discontinue mid-life rehabilitation of diesel locomotives and convert them to electric ...

Best of Indian Railways Diesel Locomotives Compilation : WDG4 WDP4 WDG3 WDM3 WDM2 WDM7 YDM3 - YouTube

Indian locomotive class WDM-2

Gooty (GY) based WDG 4 locos

Indian Railways set of 3 WDG-3A Diesel Electric Locomotives WDG-3A 14776 14655 17477 - YouTube

WDM 3D powerhouse of the Dehradun Shatabdi Express

Later changes included the WDM-2C becoming WDM-3A, the double cabbed WDP-2 becoming WDP-3A and WDG-2 becoming WDG-3A. These were all diesel-electrics.

A freight train with WDG-3A broad gauge diesel locomotive.

File:Diesel locomotive WDG 3A - Indian railway Diesel engine .jpg

WDG 5 ( the ugliest Locomotive evah!!!)

WDM–2 WDM-2 (Class ...


The "WDG 4" Locomotives | Indian Railways

"The Very First WDG 4 Locomotive to enter Indian Railways in his Elegant Long Hood Front"

Indian Railways Freight Action WDG3 Shakti Alco Class Diesel Locomotive

WDM-1 #17000, in dilapidated condition. Photo by Harsh Vardhan.

WDM3A Vatva Shed

File:WDG4 class Diesel Locomotive at Safilguda.JPG

History is being made by converting Diesel Loco into Electric Loco at DLW in Varanasi

WDG 4G : Indian Railways new Diesel Locomotive from General Electric

Indian Railways, Electric Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive Works, Indian Railways Re

The Unique Short Hood - Short Hood Multiple Unit Formation of the WDG 4 and the WDP 4

I had visited Chittaranjan Locomotive Works on 30-05-2016. The engineers at CLW were kind enough to inform their colleagues at DLW that I would be visiting ...

Diesel Loco Shed, Kalyan was inaugurated on 31st January 1987. It was initially planned to home WDS6 Diesel Electric locos only in this shed.

Sabarmati Locomotives are popularly known as "Gir Lions" on account of the Logo which is used by the Shed. The Logo depicts a Lion from the Famous Sasan Gir ...

Coverage of Various Diesel Locomotives Of Indian Railways (WDG3A, WDM3A, WDP4D, WDP4B, WDP4, WDM3D) - YouTube

MONSTROUS Gradients, SMOKING WDG 4D & LHB Superfast - Indian Railways

Indian Railways Train Spotting Kumbakonam WDM3 WDG3 Diesel Electric Locomotives in Action - YouTube

File:WDG-3A loco 13599 at Malkajgiri.jpg

Loco No.: 13008 | Loco Class: WDG-3A | Sub Class: | Shed Name(code): New Guwahati (NGC) | Manufacturer Serial Number: WDG3A-514 | Manufactured Date: ...


Railways create history by converting diesel locomotive to electric traction

Rare Combination Of Indian Railway - WDG (4D) Diesel Loco Hauling Humsafar Express Train


This is one of the 9 Remaining Golden WDG 4 Locomotives of Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi.

"GAURAV" powers 16339 / CSTM NCJ Express !!

"PUNE WDG 4 Multiple Unit with Lead Locomotive in LONG HOOD FRONT Mode !! "

Indian Railways : RARE CAPTURE Of Loco - Loco Coupling - WDM2 + WDG3A Coupling - YouTube

"The Fourth WDG 4 of Indian Railways in Long Hood Front Mode"

Locomotives of India

Indian Railways News: Indian Railways Creates World Record By Converting Diesel Locomotive To An Electric One - Indiatimes.com

ALCO with a completely reworked shell WDP3A

The WDG-2A variants are dual-braked. Some older WDG-3A units were made with left-hand-side driving position in the ...

File:A WDG3A Loco in charge of Gunur-Kacheguda-Medchal Passenger.jpg

(Class name carried over from old system.) A poor adaptation of the WDM-2 intended for hauling commuter trains with small numbers of coaches, ...

Siliguri (SGUJ) based WDG 4 locos

MEMU overtakes Twin ALCo Freight Train !! KZJ WDG3A Diesel Locomotives

WDG 3A Locomotives of Indian Railways - Part 1

14764 | Loco Class: WDG-3A | Sub Class: | Shed Name(code): New Guwahati (NGC) | Manufacturer Serial Number: | Manufactured Date: | Manufacturer: Diesel ...

Indian Railways Diesel Locomotives WDG4 WDP4 WDG3 WDM3 WDM2 WDM7 YDM3

Brand New Liveried WDG 4 Locomotive (12115) leads Shatabdi Express / 12008

A Train and a Dramatically Beautiful Kerala Setting

Diesel Loco Shed

The Bright Looking Golden WDG 4, 12020

Ernakulam's Orange WDG3A Shows her “True Colors”

WDG-3A diesel locomotive. Diesel Engine

12001 leads Shatabdi Express Overtaking 12647 powered SBC MYS Passenger

Kolkata2Kutch Roadtrip: Orchha Railway Station Crossing

GE Transportation rolled out Indian Railways' first Evolution Series locomotive from the paint stall, revealing the railroad's new paint scheme.

DCW Patiala has rebuilt some WDM-2 units to class WDM-3A/WDM-2C specifications.

Outstanding Outshiner. Diesel Locomotive

Left:Indian Railways locomotive WDG-3A, Right:Indian Railways locomotive WDG -4

File:UDL based WDG-3A loco - 13021 at NJP Yard.jpg

“First time in world” Indian Railways Creates History By Converting “Diesel Locomotive Into Electric Locomotive” - Rail Analysis India

WDG3A variant with microprocessor control ...

The Preserved Diesel Locomotive

File:WDG-3A locomotive at Necklace Road Station 02.jpg

WDG3A #13035. WDG3A #13035 Diesel Locomotive

12283 | Loco Class: WDG-4 | Sub Class: none | Shed Name(code): Bhagat Ki Kothi (BGKT) | Manufacturer Serial Number: WDG-4-270 | Manufactured Date: unknown ...

Indian Railway Diesel Locomotive WDG 4 12763

The Long Hood _/\_


Jumbos – A few locos of the WDM-2 class produced in 1978-79 have a full-width short hood; these are unofficially termed 'Jumbos' by the crew.

Indian Locomotive class WAG-7

Standing Tall (KATNI WDG-3A #13520). Stand Tall, Diesel Locomotive ...

Image may contain: train, sky and outdoor

14796 KJM WDG

Ghorakpur 17046_2

Indian Railways set of twin WDG-4 diesel electric locomotive 12048 & 12078

(This will result in th WDM-3. Photo by Naren Damodaran

14858 | Loco Class: WDG-3A | Sub Class: | Shed Name(code): Katni (KTE) | Manufacturer Serial Number: | Manufactured Date: | Manufacturer: Diesel Locomotive ...